“…the babblings of two incoherent madmen…” about Miguel A. Garcia & Tomás Gris work for Crustace Tapes


CRUSTACÉS #2: Miguel A. Garcia & Tomás Gris 10C

The second release from Crustacés Tapes features joined improvisations by the two Madrid based avantgarde players Miguel A. Garcia and Tomás Gris. The two sides of the tape seems to be one-take improvisations (no overdubs), with the two gents going bonkers on a number of instruments including a saxophone(?), some sort of feedback setup involving effects – along with various percussion items. The music is classic “free improv” in the sense that there’s no discernible pulse, no recognisable repetitions or any form of  tonality, – instead the music focuses on creating interesting abstract textures and sonic exchanges between the players. The exchanges maintain the feeling of abstract communication between the players, who stick to a musical language that uses pauses as an important part of the expression. With regards to the textural diversity and energy the tape is successfully interesting throughout. On the negative side the anti-stylistic avoidance of anything remotely associated with “known styles of music” prevents the players from delivering more musically sensical utterings, giving the recordings a strong sense of being the babblings of two incoherent madmen. But despite this (the fact that I have no idea what they’re actually on about), used as a 10 minute avantgardist pick-me-up, the tape is a rather refreshing listen. Also I should note that the sound quality is quite professional on this tape – which I think all in all makes it something worth checking out.

More info here: http://crustaces.bandcamp.com/album/crustac-s-2

Acerca de DR. TOMAS GRIS

Free improviser and outsider mind.
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